MARKETING PROCESS: Analysis of the Opportunities in the Market


The first step is to analyze deeply the market you are about to enter to find opportunities that can be availed directly about the needs and wants of customers that are or are not adequately satisfied by the competitors. A company aiming for good marketing needs to find our ways to make its business beneficial in the long run success so that the overall performance can be efficiently improved. For this company may take help from Marketing Information System (MIS), and detailed marketing research. After this, a company can identify and split the market into different segments based on factors like age, group, geographical location, etc. Each part is evaluated to check potential in light of its strengths and weaknesses.

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Selection of the Target Market:

This is a very important step of marketing in which target customers are selected by conducting a careful analysis. As it is evident that a company cannot fulfill the needs and wants of the whole market, therefore, target must be identified in accordance with company’s own strengths and opportunities

Market Segmentation:

In this process, whole market is divided into different segments each having similar wants characteristics and consumer behavior that need marketing mixes and strategies accordingly.

Market Targeting:

Targeted segments of the total market are evaluated to ascertain the attractiveness of the segments to find most suitable. It must provide an opportunity to the company to create potential customer value overall in the long run.
Market Positioning:

This means the position of a product by the firm in minds of people in comparison to other competitor products. First, the competitive advantage a product has over other needs to be specified and then the whole marketing program must concentrate on the identified positioning strategy.

Development of Marketing Mix:

Marketing Mix is particular variables of markets that are combined by the company to generate desired response in the targeted segments.

01- Product:  means any offering (goods or services) to the market by the company.

02- Price:   means the money paid by the customers to obtain the product.

03- Place:  means the efforts which ensure the availability of the product in the market to customers.

04- Promotion:  means all the efforts by the company that guarantees the sale of goods to customers through the better provision of information about the advantages of the product.

A company must develop an effective marketing program in which a suitable combination of all the variables mentioned above are blended that may help in provided excellent customer value and eventually in achieving company’s objective.

Management of Marketing Efforts:

This is the action phase of development of marketing program in which specific marketing mix is finally chosen for the target market. Four functions are as following.

Analysis of the Market: by SWOT

Marketing Planning: to add value

Marketing Implementation: to achieve objectives set.

Marketing Control evaluates plans and ensures marketing objectives

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The air is hot which means that people are now rushing toward pools to enjoy swimming. Swimming is an activity which not only allows you to enjoy summers, but because you are acting against the water resistance and overcoming it with your muscle power, it makes your body exceptionally strong.

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Even big and small muscle group of your body is engaged, so it also helps in maintaining your weight.

A freestyle stroke is meant for professionals and is the fastest form of swimming. Take care of the following things when going for it:


The most important aspect is to have an accurate body position. It is advisable to keep your face straight and look forward. The position of your head determines your entire body posture. So, do not mistake with it and keep your head correctly positioned.


While free stroking, the amount of water drawn should be maximum with both of your hands. It is advisable and most convenient to swim in an S-shape motion rather than a straight line. It will help minimizing the distance between initial and final point.


It again is important. Stretch your arms to the maximum to advance. To make the process easy, practice some basic dynamic and static stretch moves before jumping in the water. It will help your shoulders and joints to move forward without causing any pain. If you are not flexible, it will cause hindrance in the motion.

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Basement makeover ideas


Basement is one of the most significant part of the home that at times are overlooked by majority of us. Here are some amazing ideas that can turn your basement into a living place to spend some quality time.

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  • Before you turn your basement into a living space, make sure to deal with the issues of dampness and leaking at first.
  • Installing a ventilation with the duck work or ceiling fan could be quite helpful. As even though you have a waterproofed basement, it may lead to dampness.
  • Replace the paneling or if the paneling is in a good condition then make it attractive through painting and add texture to it.
  • As the basement is usually low heighted with small windows. So you can add mirror tiles to increase the brightness of the basement and add full length curtains to increase its visual weight.
  • Add a broadloom to increase coziness and coolness of the basement. You can use click flooring, linoleum and cork to add warmth. You can buy them in tiles or sheets and come up with some creative and unique designs.
  • If you want to use your basement for storage as well then go for in built units. They look attractive and also give your desired utility.
  • Replace some of the little things instead of buying the whole furniture e.g. seats cover, cushions, frames etc.
  • Paint the ceiling of the basement with a dark color to add up height. Also dark colors recede longer.

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Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses and Startups


Whether or not your business already has online operations, chances are that you are not making the most of your resources for online marketing. Nearly half the world population occupies the internet, so the best possible way to take advantage of this is to overhaul your marketing strategies. Some of the richest entrepreneurs across the world have made their fortune by utilizing these techniques and tools to get their business off the ground.

Online Operations, Websites, and Blogs

You can literally conduct your business and manage your employees entirely online. This will significantly cut down your costs and make conducting your business a breeze. Your website should be user-friendly, informative, and optimized for search engines to ensure sales. Conducting your business entirely online will allow global access, which means big bucks for your company. If you are starting a small business, a blog can help promote you and your products or services in a far less salesman-like way.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Small businesses do not have limitless funds, which is why online operations are ideal. This also means there is not a lot of money to put into advertising. Targeted and tailored advertising campaigns are the one of the only expenses of running your business online, and it pays for itself when customers make a purchase. PPC ads are the most affordable and useful ways of bringing in paying customers.

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of having a social media presence and an advertising campaign. Even before you launch your business, you can set up profiles and pages to promote and raise awareness about your brand. Many people complain about people being overly consumed by social media, but that is exactly what makes these platforms ideal for your business to get going.

Super Affiliates

You can attract the attention of other entrepreneurs with whom you can form a joint venture. High profile individuals like Com Mirza are supportive and well known for being powerful super affiliates. Having these affiliates promote your products or services will guarantee you success.

With this information in mind, you should be able to launch a highly successful online business.

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