The Game Changing Launcher Apps For The Android Phone

Take any field and it would be evident that there occur some landmark applications and this is the case with launcher apps for android phones as well.  If anything, the smartphone has been defined by user-friendliness for the range of functions on offer.  It is only thus natural that still more friendly ways of handling a smartphone are brought about by the more advanced of apps in the field.

Launcher 8

The launcher is so different that it completely changes the appearance of the typical Android smartphone.  For the typical user, this brings with it the added convenience of the application as well as presentability that is far ahead of its times.  In many ways, this could be taken to be where the field of user interfaces in future smartphones is headed.

More than just the appearance, the Launcher 8 is noted for the ease of use that a typical user needs to have.  It is not every user that gets to be a tech geek and in such a user profile it is important to de-mystify the working of something this complex into a more acceptable form.

Lawnchair Launcher

One of the more recent offering to hit the scene, the launcher is noted for the open source software that it relies on for its working.  It principally tries to build on the previous launchers that have hit the market to go a bit further in each case.  Thus there is an increased ease of use as well as a better functionality as well.

The one good feature of using open source software is that it does not cost anything to use or install and there is no such thing as a premium subscription at any time.  Most people that know the field can further bring forth still more customizations.

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